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Does bringing your own mug help?

A couple of days ago, I went into a Starbucks and ordered a drink. I brought my own coffee thermos (yay!) and they took 10 cents off the order for “saving” them a cup. As I watched them make my drink, I noticed that they used to paper cup to measure the correct amount, and thereafter poured the contents of that cup into my thermos and then disposed of that paper cup into the trash can. I was appalled! Here I’m trying to save a paper cup by bringing my own mug, yet they used one and disposed of it anyway! Have you ever noticed this? Some coffee shops, other than Starbucks, don’t waste paper cups to measure amounts, but what do you think of this? Is Starbucks being ironic? Should I just find a different place to get my coffee from? (Probably.) Has this ever happened to any of you before, or have you ever noticed it happening?

– Roxy

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How much is enough?

One thing I’ve been quite concerned about these days and pondered over is our amount of food we consume. How much food is enough for us to stand up and work throughout our day? Here where we live, we are all capable of buying what we need and mostly what we want. But if we think of those who live in countries where they do not have enough food to eat or water to drink, it is enough to help us start reflecting upon ourselves and ask, “how much is enough?”  In our house, we noticed how much food we make and store in our fridge, and every week we’re always throwing food away.  Why is that? I noticed that my siblings and I would always look for fresh food my mom always make, and sometimes the foods in the fridge wouldn’t be tasty anymore. Afterwards, my parents came up with an idea to reduce the amount of food we make and store less in the fridge. To only put the amount of food that we can eat and without any leftovers behind. Nevertheless, I still see food being wasted not only in my home but in school, resturants, and many other places. What can we do to avoid or at least reduce the amount of food we waste?

Hamdia A.

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