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Ted Talks

Last year a good friend of mine told me about “Ted Talks.”  She mentioned them saying, “Of all people, I am surprised you have never heard a Ted Talk!!!  They are these video recordings of great speakers that have been put up on the internet.”

I probably have a list of one hundred reasons why I never hoped online at that moment to watch one, but late last night my excuses came to an end.

After talking about The Omnivore’s Dilemma, a friend of mine shared with me a Ted Talk by NYT’s Food Writer, Mark Bittman.  His talk seems to follow the same trajectory as Michael Polan’s book but, while he does have some flashy images to help place numbers and statistics in perspective, Bittman’s talk fails to capture the shocking details and interconnections that Polan is able to flush out in several hundred pages.  Nonetheless, his talk is fascinating, so here’s a link to Bittman’s Ted Talk.


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