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The sixth Sense!

Ever since my father showed me this video, I could not stop thinking about it. I am not sure how it is related to sustainability and going green but I feel there is some connection. I am amazed by the fact that human are that smart. So it is about a guy and group of other researchers from MIT who invented a technology that can replace many of today’s technologies such as smart cell phones, digital cameras and even computers.I like what they called it “The sixth Sense”   

I highly recommend you to see this video and tell me what you think of it! Here is a shorter video.

Needa L

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A promising technology?

I recently read about this company called Levant Power. Levant Power was formed by two MIT students who were trying to find a solutions to allow cars to be more efficient with fossil fuels, due to the fact that cars only use 20% of the energy available for every gallon of gasoline it burns. They came up with a shock absorbing system that takes the energy from a bump in the road, and transfers the energy to the drive train to help propel the car forward. Their tests have show that this system can save 3% in fuel cost and allow for cars to be more energy efficient. You may think 3% is a tiny number but just think how much fuel that actual is if this system was put in all cars. This may not be a solution to global warming, but it definitely helps curb our foreign oil addiction.

Sam. G

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LED is the future

Every day Americans get closer and closer to becoming more sustainable. However Americans aren’t willing to give up things to be more sustainable. When we go to the grocery store if there is a “green” alternative to what we normally buy, we will most likely purchase it. We won’t give up things like our cars, plastic bags, Christmas trees, or even Christmas lights. Every year millions of households throughout the United States put up Christmas lights. These Christmas light cause electricity usage to surge. This surge allow for our coal power plants (where the majority of our power comes from) to increase production, and therefore increase pollution on our environment. This doesn’t have to happen there is great technology out there that allows for us to be more Eco-friendly these holidays, and benefit us. LED is a somewhat newer technology that uses 90% less energy than traditional Christmas lights. LED Christmas lights also last longer, are safer, more durable, and come in all different colors. They are even sometimes cheaper than regular lights. Yet every year I see people putting up traditional incandescent lights. If only people knew that the benefits of LED lights outweigh the benefits of the old incandescent lights. I am curious to see how many people use LED versus Incandescent light so I will put up a poll shortly, I encourage people to take it so we can see how widely used LED lights are. (To see if u are currently using LED lights check out the link i posted it shows what LED lights look like)

Happy holidays,

Sam G.

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Going to Work Virtually Online

A company called Second Life has created a virtual world of offices for companies to communicate online. In the current economically tight world, this is a solution to cutting down costs for commuting expenses; all you need to do is to simply turn on your computer and join a meeting online, all from your home. Not only does this mean eliminating your commuting travel time, but also the environmental aspects of carbon dioxide emition and greenhouse gas production. So far there are over 1,400 organizations that utilize this method of communicating with fellow employees under the security of a company’s own network. The virtual community also allows sharing and storage of files from anywhere around the globe.


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