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Sustainable future? If not now… when?

I’m not sure if anyone has posted a blog about this already… as there should be close to 200 blog posts from 1st term alone…

But! Here it goes…

A sustainable future is what we are striving to achieve and a great place to go to learn about what we can do is here. This site is a great resource to use in our venture to a better planet and a sustainable future. A ton of the stuff we have learned about regarding population growth and renewable energy sources. Check it out!

-Eric Gietzen

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The Solar Powered Home

I was watching the news today and they had a report on solar homes. They mentioned that people save roughly 40-50% on their electricity bills yearly, and oregon just passed a bill for them to put in 250 to try it out. If this turns out to be a success our economy will be well on its way to living sustainably. If the people along with alternative energy companies keep putting pressure on the government with our demands for clean, renewable energy, one of these days, they will have to provide it whether they like it or not.

~Cody Males

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A promising technology?

I recently read about this company called Levant Power. Levant Power was formed by two MIT students who were trying to find a solutions to allow cars to be more efficient with fossil fuels, due to the fact that cars only use 20% of the energy available for every gallon of gasoline it burns. They came up with a shock absorbing system that takes the energy from a bump in the road, and transfers the energy to the drive train to help propel the car forward. Their tests have show that this system can save 3% in fuel cost and allow for cars to be more energy efficient. You may think 3% is a tiny number but just think how much fuel that actual is if this system was put in all cars. This may not be a solution to global warming, but it definitely helps curb our foreign oil addiction.

Sam. G

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The Cost of Green Buildings

What are the standards for a sustainable or ‘green’ building? Well, there are no agreed upon standards for a building that is ‘green’. Sure they are built to be more energy efficient and all these other things that makes them sustainable or ‘green’.

But what are the costs of developing a building to be sustainable?

According to this article here, the costs to build and develop a ‘green’ building is an increase of 2-7%. And the costs of developing a residential building is a whopping 12.5%. Who pays for these costs? Well the owner of the place does. With a ‘green’ home, it is a premium bonus that it is sustainable. So therefore you get what you pay for. With the real estate starting to go green, it means the sustainable buildings will increase in prices as it is more attractive to a potential owner.

But what’s so special about a ‘green’ building?

A green building isn’t just built efficiently and sustainably, but it functions efficiently and sustainably. Studies show that there is a savings from either 10-50% in energy use! That’s what I call efficient energy usage. So the costs of energy is decreased as energy efficiency is increased. So for the extra money paid for a sustainable home/building, there is a huge potential to make up for it in the savings of energy costs. All that needs to be done for more sustainable buildings in development is the leap for potential house owners to buy a premium green home.

David D

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American Apparel

I find it kind of ironic that American Apparel is made in downtown L.A. Well, because L.A. doesn’t have any source of water, so it has to rely on other states, and areas for it.  That, to me, doesn’t sound like it’s sustainable.  I watched a video on how L.A. dried up several lakes, because there were so many people coming there, and the lakes that dried up weren’t even close to it, They were using other county’s supply of water.  That’s why I think American Apparel should move up to Oregon, maybe… portland!  We are number one for being sustainable.  That way it’s being sustainable, and the cost to buy would be a lot less.  Since, they don’t have to ship it all over, which would make their clothing a little cheaper, and create more jobs here. I feel that there would be a lot more support here, and it would bring more people to Portland.  This will probably never happen.  Just an end note, I don’t like how its in an unsustainable town.


~Anthony Tran

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The other week I was at Washington Square, and was walking around the mall. Went into journeys, the shoe store, and they had several pairs of shoes that were made of recycled material.  So, when in class and was asked to write a blog about something that is sustainable, the first thing that popped into my mind were those shoes. The company that makes those shoes is Simple.  Some material they use are car tires (soles of the shoes), hemp, organic cotton, recycled inner tubes, eco-certified leather and suede, and bamboo.  From reading their “about us” on their website, they are shooting for 100% sustainability.

Their shoes are pretty cool, but they’re expensive. Most anything that is organic, or sustainable is expensive. That’s what I’ve noticed, so far.

-Anthony Tran

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