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So i was at the eco-block get together like David, and Matt.  I was apart of the energy portion of the meeting.  They were talking about putting stationary bikes next to the business administration building.  A station to generate electricity to power the lights around there, or to charge a electronic device you had.  I think this would be kind of weird.  Its a good idea, but I don’t think in front of the max is the place for it.  Maybe somewhere that doesn’t have so many people around.

The energy group also talked about putting in water power generators underneath the bridge.  That way the rain water streams off, and pushes the generator to generate electricity.  It wouldn’t be a lot of power, but it would be something.  I thought this was a good idea.  All this would happen on Montgomery St. in that empty lot.

Anthony Tran.

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U.S. Navy Says Let There Be Solar Energy!!

The U.S. Navy discovers  harvesting potential that the rooftops at Pearl Harbor carry.  When you look at the base in Hawaii, parts of it is open space, but most of the space is made up of buildings compact in between each other.  With the help of Nike Corporation the U.S. Navy has installed solar panels on top of five rooftops.  This installation is just an idea that they are experimenting with.  Even though they are experimenting with the idea the new solar panels are still significant.  The energy the solar panels collect should provide enough energy to power 440 homes in Hawaii.  While providing energy the solar panels are also reducing Pearl Harbor carbon emission which fits into the Department of Defense sustainable energy policy. 

-Aaron Sundstrom

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