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50 Things You Can Reuse !

One of the reasons that make me chose this theme is that I did not know the deep meaning of sustainability and what does it really mean to go green? I thought that I was not doing any helpful thing to protect our environment, and I assume that many people may think the way I am thinking.  Actually, after I’ve joined the class and read couple of readings about it, I found that even thought it may have wide meaning and people have different definition of it; the meaning may be so easy to understand. One of its significant meanings is reusing things. So simple! We can find these things in our schools, work, and even home and reusing them in beneficial way. That remind me of the video that we watched in our mentored class were in the second clip there were people on the pot and had reused some old clothes to make sail of the boat. Another example from my home is reusing the old toothbrush to lean up hard to reach places instead of recycling the brush which may waste some energy, or buying new brush that waste our money. Here is an interesting article that gives other 50 examples of reusing things in our homes.  In other word, there are many ways to sustain our lives starting from our homes. And that actually makes me feel much better.:)

Needa L

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