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Coca-Cola’s New Look

The classic Coke can is getting a new look.  The original can was painted red and white, but now Coca-cola is thinking of making the can unpainted.  By not painting the can Coca-cola saves energy and paint.  This will also eliminate the paint removing step in the recycling process.  This change will cut back on air pollution, water pollution, paint, and it will save energy.

-Aaron Sundstrom

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make the holidays more sustainable!

Between thanksgiving and new years the amount of household garbage in the US increases by about one million tons of trash! Most of this garbage comes from packaging. This year if you are sending gifts try to use recycled packing materials, like newspaper instead of Styrofoam packing peanuts. The metallic wrapping paper cannot be recycled but gift bags are reusable and there are many ribbons that are made out of 100% recycled waste! If you are travelling around town you might want to consider using public transportation. It is more sustainable and there are many cars and traffic headed to the mall anyways, so it could help save time too. If you plan to send a lot of holiday cards, instead of using lots of paper with envelopes and cards you could send e-mail cards. Those are just a few tips to making the holiday season more environmental friendly!

Grace W.

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