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A little Justice for Jensen

For those of you who actually did the reading assignment, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I shed a little light on our ‘voice of the people’. I think there was a reason this man recieved so much hate mail, how ever wrongly put they decided to set up their arguments.

Jensen spent relatively 19 pages arguing his view of William McDonough and comparing the man to a Nazi doctor. Not to mention at times talking himself in circles to repeat a point we already understood. Many of the facts he posted I wasn’t aware of, and for that I am glad to of read the article. However, Jensen is the poster child for why so many give up on caring about our environment. McDonough is a corporate monkey, I will give him that, but at least he’s trying, and that’s a lot more than many other big businesses can say. So he’s growing plants on the roof of a truck factory; it’s an oxymoron no doubt, but rather than naming him ‘Hero for the Planet’ or comparing him to a bunch of Nazis, perhaps we take away both the ‘stick and carrot’ to be frank, and see where he goes with this. Isn’t that what we’re expected to do each time we elect a new president? They give us all these promises of a better, brighter future, and we are expected to WAIT for change, not to demand a new beginning over night.

I believe that McDonough may not be doing much now, but he’s obviously getting a head start on the corporations, they want him because he makes them look better, and he wants them for the money, as well as the small percentage of change he can bring to their factory. It may not be much, but it’s better than nothing. I say why don’t we see where he goes with it. If we were all to try giving up every form of ‘wasteful substance’ and technology right now, we would all go into a cultural shock. It’s not natural or fair to ask these people to do something like that over night. We need to take baby steps. Of course there will be great losses because we do need to go slow, but in the long run I believe we are not a ‘stupid species’ as Jensen so kindly put it, we are intelligent, sometimes too intelligent for our own good, getting us into world wide trouble, such as Global warming. We’re the top of the food chain and forget we still have a far more dangerous preditor to worry about- ourselves.

I could go on for hours like this, but I’d rather hear the feed back. I know some of you out there might think I am being hateful towards Jensen because I don’t think we can change or that we don’t want to, the truth is I think every little bit helps, because it is better to get everyone to do something, rather than having a lot of peopel do nothing.

~Aspen B

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