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The U.S’s Northwest Cities are the ‘most sustainable’!!

Japanese Garden - Portland OregonWhile I was reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals on the max, a woman got attracted by the book and she asked me about it. So I told her that it is a text book that is related to a class for sustainability. It turned out that she was really interested in the idea of “go green” and “sustainable life”. And while were chatting about it, she told me “did you know that Portland is the top sustainable city in the US?”. Even though I felt a shame for not knowing that, but it motivates me to go online and read about it. And then I found in a website that there are other “green” cities in the US, so I wanted to share the website with you.

But my question is, why they care about being sustainable cities? Is it because they really care about cleaning the environment for the future generation? Or because they just want to be recognized and known by being sustainable?

The cities were judged based on their ability to keep the air quality and healthy drinking water, their use of renewable energy and alterative fuel, and access to public transit, number of parks, green building and local food production.

Needa L

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