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real vs. artificial christmas trees

Every year, families from all over, traditionally go out, cut down, and drive home a christmas tree to place presents under. My question: Is it more sustainable to cut down a tree every year, or buy one fake tree that you may have forever.  

Fake trees: They are produced in factories by the thousand every year. chemicals, plastic, metal, and huge delivery trucks are only a few processes. While your not cutting down “wild life” every year, the fake trees, are not able to be broken down if you decide to throw it away.

Real Tree: While they are being grown for 6 years on a lot, they produce oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. But at the same time, they are sucking nutrients from the surrounding areas to the hundreds of trees on the lot. The trees then must be cut down, and driven by the people purchasing them, and then watered every day to keep them alive for a few weeks or so. 

So which is more sustainable?

Tanner k.

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Is Plastic Really a Problem?

There is a total of 2 million plastic bottles used in the United States every five minutes, and an estimated 13 billion bottles are  disposed of each year. Plastic contributes a great deal to whether or not our civilization is sustainable because it is produced in high quantities and it will never decompose, just like Caryl Buchwald stated in What Else Should my Neighbor Know. Everybody uses plastic, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as it is disposed of properly. Currently less than 5% of plastic is recycled globally ….5%!!!  I have been noticing that whenever i go to turn in my bottles, no matter where I am at they all have a set limit to how many bottles someone can cash in; i thought that we were supposed to be encouraging recycling, not trying to save a dollar. This web page has some interesting facts about plastic bottles and how unethical it really is.

~Cody Males

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