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Garbage Garbage Garbage!

I’m sure most of you guys have heard of the island of trash sitting out in the Pacific Ocean. It is known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Maybe you heard it as a myth, but it is NOT a myth. Not only is the island of trash real, but it is estimated to be twice the size of Texas. This island is created by trash floating out into the ocean being caught by the North Pacific Gyre and getting stuck inside. It has added up tremendously over the years. It is a real problem and I feel that if we don’t do any action about this soon, then it will be too late.

Samples have been done on the water there and some samples found 6 pieces of plastic to 1 plankton. This is devastating since the plankton is essentially the basis of the oceanic food chain. Not only will this effect that ecosystem, but it will effect us. Phytoplankton are an immense contribution to protecting the Earth from too much carbon in the air as they absorb carbon dioxide and they live in mass numbers, but I’m getting off topic, so I will leave you guys at that.

With less plankton in the ocean, that means more carbon dioxide stays in our atmosphere. Think about your trash and where it will eventually ends up. If not in the landfills, then on our precious oceans.

David Dang

Once trash is in, it can NOT get out naturally. Due to the currents vortex-like spinning, it is basically a one way street. Trash comes close to the gyre and eventually gets picked up by the current and then becomes stuck inside.

We could go there and try picking all of it out, but that would costs a lot of resources, and then what would we do with trash? We can’t just put it in a landfill, that doesn’t solve much.

Here are some helpful visuals:

Estimated Size


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The progression of the “Going Green” campaign

Only a few years ago I felt like I was one of the few people who cared about recycling, and buying green products, and trying to convince the world around me to do the same.  Especially in the food service industry, I found myself staying a little longer at the end of my shift to pick through the trash, if it didn’t look too gross, for all the glass, and cans, and paper that were remarkably and carelessly thrown away.  I was brought up to think twice about the things we waste and though it was for a different reason, I took those ideas and formed my own of what all that waste meant.  I do find a lot of ideas difficult to execute such as trying to grow a garden and keeping it up when I just end up killing it.  If there was a tutor for that kind of thing I need one desperately.  But I guess in most ways it’s second nature to me to not get a bag at the grocery, (even if I have to hold things in my hands because I forget to bring one), or to try to separate all my waste components into different bins unless they aren’t available, in which case I just bring home with me, or if there’s a deposit then I leave it in a conspicuous place for someone else to redeem, and to spend more money on natural products.  But there has been a strong green campaign recently popping up in ads everywhere and I have found the rest of the world slowly but surely picking up on the slogan “GO GREEN” and the world finally catching up to how we should have been living all this time.  Now I find myself surrounded by people easily making it their lifestyle and surpassing me in their ideas of being green.  So now I feel a little behind on trying to be green but I have a lot of things to learn from the younger generations of people who are coming up with new technologies to be green easier than it was only ten years ago.  There was a study done with observing monkeys which I won’t get into right now but it inspired the theory of “The Hundredth Monkey”, a book by Ken Keyes Jr., which I really believe in and now I think I’m seeing it proven right in front of my eyes for the first time in my life.  I have incredible hope for the future!

-Anne-Marie Aguilar

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