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Oil Production May Peak a Decade Earlier

As the world continues to rely on oil for more and more things, the oil reserves continue to be drained at faster and faster rates.  How long until our reliance on alternative energy is 100 percent though? According to Science News, it may be closer than scientists previously thought.  Are we going to be capable of relying completely on alternative energy before fossil fuel reserves run out?

Nevin Lewis

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Running Out

Well I have some good news for Derrik Jensen. Most of us know that there is some really well-founded evidence that shows that fossil fuels are running out. Well it turns out that we have known that for years in fact a geologist by the name of Dr. Marion King Hubbert predicted, in 1956, that oil would peak around 1970 and then again in 2000.

I have always thought that if oil was running low that, it would only be temporary, till more was discovered. But for society to face drastic energy reform, very little decline in production would have to occur. When you compound the loss of production with increasing population and industrialization, the results are estimated to be catastrophic in the next few decades. When oil production dropped in the seventies it caused the cost of oil to nearly quadruple. When there was a natural gas shortage a few years ago in California, the price went up by 400%.

Here is a link to a very informative and well backed sight on the oil crash. It’s also full of alternative energy info and many other interesting articles. Most of what I said came directly from the front page article.

Logan Taylor

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