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A promising technology?

I recently read about this company called Levant Power. Levant Power was formed by two MIT students who were trying to find a solutions to allow cars to be more efficient with fossil fuels, due to the fact that cars only use 20% of the energy available for every gallon of gasoline it burns. They came up with a shock absorbing system that takes the energy from a bump in the road, and transfers the energy to the drive train to help propel the car forward. Their tests have show that this system can save 3% in fuel cost and allow for cars to be more energy efficient. You may think 3% is a tiny number but just think how much fuel that actual is if this system was put in all cars. This may not be a solution to global warming, but it definitely helps curb our foreign oil addiction.

Sam. G

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Cash for Clunkers


Transportation takes up 18% of our fossil fuels according to Michael Pollan, so driving contributes a huge amount to keeping this society sustainable. The recent vehicle exchange they did this summer know as “Cash for Clunkers” didn’t help society at all. People were trading in their older non-fuel efficient cars to get credit towards a newer more fuel-efficient vehicle. Now, this might seem to be a logical thing to do, but this was really just a way for the automobile industry to get back on their feet. This whole exchange took away all of the fossil fuels that were used in producing those older vehicles and turned it into scrap metal for other countries for manufacturing. John Charles with the Cascade Policy Institute, argues that, the more fuel-efficient vehicles that are dispersed means the more driving that will be done, creating substantial amounts of toxins in the air. Think about it, if you have been used to dial-up internet your whole life and all of sudden get high-speed internet than of course you are going to be on the web a lot more than you used to. People looked passed this either because they are ignorant or maybe because they just wanted a new car, but either way this is a selfish characteristic which shouldn’t even be an issue with how unstable our society is at this time.

~Cody Males

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