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Oil Production May Peak a Decade Earlier

As the world continues to rely on oil for more and more things, the oil reserves continue to be drained at faster and faster rates.  How long until our reliance on alternative energy is 100 percent though? According to Science News, it may be closer than scientists previously thought.  Are we going to be capable of relying completely on alternative energy before fossil fuel reserves run out?

Nevin Lewis

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Uranium shortage possible

digging for uranium

Although nuclear power plants emit only small amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, experts are arguing that a transition to nuclear energy could be short-lived due to a limited supply of uranium available. To me this seems like something that should have been foreseen long ago. Although nuclear energy produces less carbon emissions than coal and gas, 60% of uranium is being excavated from the ground so it is clear that it is far from a renewable resource. Just like coal and oil, uranium will eventually run out (maybe even before coal and oil) and when this happens we will be running out of things to dig out of the ground. On the bright side, this article says that at some point there might be enough economic incentive for countries with nuclear weapons to give up some of their uranium from their reserves to the nuclear energy process. This will be good for world peace, but as far as energy goes it just seems like we are doing everything we can to avoid the point when we have no other choice but to simply consume less and switch to renewable energy sources.

Matt Z

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Christmas is a time for joy for many children and adults. The highlight of this holiday are the lights and the gifts, but even though it is a very joyous holiday, it is unsustainable as well. All across the country thousand pounds of waste are created from wrapping papers and each house is using thousands of extra kilowatts of electricity. By using fewer lights and switching to energy efficient lights, one can cut there energy bill 80%, but who wants to see less lights for Christmas. So I was wondering if there were any other alternatives to be sustainable during the holidays, but still keep it festive and cheerful.


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Sustainable Shipping

In light of my last post on the oil crisis and the serious interest in a sustainable way to do everything. One of the first places I went was to shipping. It seems to me and many of the articles we read, that the hidden cost of shipping is a huge issue. This website is sure addressing the issue.

And if you are carbon crazy, you most not be very crazy about the amount of emissions that giant shipping entities put off. A “new” craze has caught on recently. This is the craze of a rebirth of sailing for shipping. Well you can always look into this new industry yourself and I would highly recommend checking out this link as well

Logan Taylor

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saving energy with wind power

wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy, such as electricity, using wind turbines.The use of wind turbines can be a great way to provide a source of clean and renewable energy for your home or business. If we were to use more wind turbines we would be getting energy in a more  sustainable way. 



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Running Out

Well I have some good news for Derrik Jensen. Most of us know that there is some really well-founded evidence that shows that fossil fuels are running out. Well it turns out that we have known that for years in fact a geologist by the name of Dr. Marion King Hubbert predicted, in 1956, that oil would peak around 1970 and then again in 2000.

I have always thought that if oil was running low that, it would only be temporary, till more was discovered. But for society to face drastic energy reform, very little decline in production would have to occur. When you compound the loss of production with increasing population and industrialization, the results are estimated to be catastrophic in the next few decades. When oil production dropped in the seventies it caused the cost of oil to nearly quadruple. When there was a natural gas shortage a few years ago in California, the price went up by 400%.

Here is a link to a very informative and well backed sight on the oil crash. It’s also full of alternative energy info and many other interesting articles. Most of what I said came directly from the front page article.

Logan Taylor

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Sorry Strawberry’s aren’t a year around fruit

People are used to going to the grocery store, and purchasing strawberry’s in December and not thinking anything of it. Unfortunately fruits like this don’t grow well in Oregon during the winter months. In order for people to live more sustainable, we are going to need to realize that buying those mango’s in the winter month’s isn’t sustainable. It’s not sustainable due to the fact that it has to be shipped halfway across the world to get here. This shipping process produces tons of green house gases not to mention the chemicals they have to use to keep the fruit from rotting. We need to realize we can’t go through life eating these fruits when they’re not in season. In the earlier days of our history people would get their fruit in the winter months by canning, when it is in season. This way during the winter they can still enjoy their fruit. By doing this we could cut tons of green house gases from being produced. So next time you are at the store think twice about what you are purchasing.

Sam G.

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