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Eat Local Challenge: Day Three (or Two, depending on when you began)


So class, how is the Eat Local Challenge going?  My first day didn’t go well at all, as you can see by my comment under “Day One,” but I am doing better at eating local now.  I am going to run some errands today and pick up some bread from Grand Central Bakery.  This morning we had scrambled eggs and some sauted veggies, all topped with Tillamook cheese.  Yum.  I am still having a hard time with my morning beverage, I have cut the coffee out of the diet, but have replaced it with tea.  I wonder if there is anything better, or more local, that I could be choosing.  Any advice?  I am not sure what I am going to have for lunch or dinner, but I really have found myself having to spend more time thinking about what it is I am going to eat.  This is constant deliberation is a little bit stressful, but there is also something I am gaining from our Eat Local Challenge: I am educating myself and starting to truly value that which is local.

How is everyone else doing?  What is easy about this challenge?  What have you found difficult?  Do you have any recipes to share?

Comment and discuss.

– Jacob S.

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Eat Local Challenge: Resources

As we set out on our challenge to “eat local” for one week, we will inevitably ask the question, “Well, what can I eat?”  That’s a good question and I imagine that it would take each one of us quite a bit of time to find an answer.  So, rather than each one of us working hard to find those answers, why don’t make things easier by working together to share our “eat local” resources?

I would like to use this post as a place where people can add comments which give the class ideas about where they can purchase food that is grown and produced within our 250 mile limit.  Also, don’t just add the name of a place below, but also give us your evidence that it is within our circle, allowing us to assess the validity of your claim.

Comment below.

– Jacob S.

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Eat Local Challenge: Day One


As a class, we are going to try and “eat local” for one week, chronicaling our collective endeavor here, on the blog.  We have drawn what is an approximately 250 mile circle around Portland, OR, and will be trying to eat, drink and consume products that are grown or produced solely within that circle.   Looking at a map and starting at 12 o’clock and moving clockwise, our boundary cities are Vancouver, B.C., Spokane, WA, Lewistown, ID (at almost 3 o’clock), Baker City, OR, Kalamath Falls, OR, Medford, OR (6 o’clock), before finally swinging out into the Pacific Ocean.

So, here as we set off on Day One, what have peoples’ experiences been like?   Thoughts?  Concerns?  Please comment below.

– Jacob S.

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