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Instant watch documentaries

The best advantage to the nominal monthly fee for netflix besides no late fees is the instant watch menu played on your computer.  They have countless amounts of documentaries including most PBS shows such as Nova and Frontline. So it’s instant gratification for no extra charge!  Going off the the documentary we watched in class about water privatization, “Blue Gold” narrated by Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) is offered as instant watch and is riveting!   It immediately pulls you in with Mcdowell’s grainy, slightly cockney voice as it introduces a story of a man going without water for a week, and describing the physiological process…ending with a powerful quote, “whomever goes without water for a week cries blood”.  Yes, it is very biased, But it is a biased side that I’m on as long as it is backed up with facts and data.  Another good documentary on instant watch is “The Yes Men” which made me excited when I realized that fact.  I saw a prescreening of it when it came out in LA because I was involved in the street team promoting that movie.  It’s about two guys who set up a false website for WTO under the pretenses of being spokespeople for the organization.  They proceed to act as caricatures for the organization when they are asked to speak at different locations.  The caricatures are so absurd it’s amazing that people don’t catch on but it really hits on some deep truths.  I highly recommend it!  Other good instant watch documentaries include “King Corn” and “The Eleventh Hour”, as well as the Nova and Frontline episodes.


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The Other, Other White Meat

Is cannibalism such a farfetched idea after all? In a world stricken with food shortages and other finite resources, such a proposition may find it’s way to a dinner table near you. What I’m not proposing is that everyone disband  and consume each other left and right, that, would be wrong. However, what if we were to consume those who have passed away through natural causes and the like?  Their bodies no longer of use to the original owner, human flesh harbors crucial nutrients key to survival; Nutritionally, cannibalism is sound. In addition to decreasing the food shortage, cannibalism also would decrease the amount of bodies filing up graveyards and crypts, increasing opportunity costs for land usage. If you’re interested, i discovered an interesting documentary on cannibalism. The short movie contains some interesting scientific discoveries pertaining to cannibalism that may surprise you.

What are your thoughts?

– Matthew K

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