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Big Business’s Perspective on Regulating CO2 Emissions

In the past couple of days there have been some big shifts by big business on how to regulate CO2 emissions.  Recently, a couple of companies have resigned from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, citing how the Chamber of Commerce is reluctant to back legislation that would put a price on emissions.  As you can read here, these companies that left the Chamber of Commerce feel it is important to enact legislation that would reduce CO2 emissions. And, just today Apple resigned from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, making it the fifth company to call it quits.

I am curious, what do you think of what appears to be a shifting business climate?  Are companies doing this altruistically?  To market themselves as being “green”?  To try and self-regulate before regulations they may not like are forced upon them?

– Jacob S.

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