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12 weeks without soda or any other HFCS…

So, after we watched the movie “King Corn” in class last term I decided I would give up drinking soda. I started 12 weeks ago this last Sunday, November 1st.

I work at a sub shop in my hometown and while I work I get free soda… the first few days that I had decided against consuming soda, I would still grab a cup and begin to fill it with soda. The habit I had formed was so remarkable. I still sometimes want to drink it, but I know that I can stay strong and power through not having any. I have noticed weight loss since I have stopped, and I have also noticed more overall energy.

Now you can probably argue against what I am saying because soda “isn’t all that bad for you.” But I did some math and say I consumed 1000 calories a day from soda… in the 12 weeks I haven’t had soda that is 84,000 less calories I have consumed… and believe me, I probably had more than 1000 calories of soda a day…

Disgusting isn’t it?

-Eric Gietzen

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Necessary Calories?

When we had to do the food foot print project, I really started thinking about the consumption of unnecessary calories. Somebody made the comment other day, that in a week they had 109 servings of sugar. The thing is, those are pointless calories that you are consuming. If you look at the amount of calories you are consuming in those 109 servings of sugar, it could be roughly 15,000 calories, maybe even more. Now, what could you eat with 15,000 calories? One grape has about 3 calories in it…do the math, 5000 grapes! You could have 100 serving sizes of chicken, which is 400 ounces. So, people get all those excess sugar servings from drinking sweet drinks, like soda, and tea. Those drinks don’t fill you up and you’re consuming unnecessary calories. Think about it…

Eric Gietzen

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