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Flammable Water

The sight of flammable drinking water is affecting a Colorado couple. The couple says that a nearby natural gas well has been leaking into their drinking water well. This is causing their drinking water to be flammable. Stories like this one are on the rise as water becomes increasingly polluted. This event should bring light to the United States drinking water problem. The problem is that as companies pollute the environment around them, they also end up polluting a valuable resource, water. A resource so valuable we can’t live without it, yet we continue our progress towards polluting our nations water supplies.

Sam G.

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Bottled Water Out of the Tap

Recently in class we were discussing bottled water vs. tap water and, correct me if I’m wrong, a good portion of the class agreed that there was essentially no difference and that Portland’s tap water “is great” and “some of the best” put by Jacob.  It was also brought up, in disgust I might add, that some companies even bottle water straight from the tap.  Well I don’t disagree that there is worse water out there than Portland and I’m not saying that I know the properties and makeup of water, but I do know that Portland does not have great tap water. 

I know this because I grew up in the small town of Culver, Oregon, having a population of about 1400 people and a high school of fewer than 250 students.  How does this have anything to do with water?  Simple, Culver is home to Opal Springs. Our unpurified tap water, which is also piped to Metolious and Madras, is the same water bottled at a company called Earth2o and shipped to places all over the Pacific Northwest.  The water that I showered in and flushed the toilet with for more than 18 years was better than the water you Portlanders have ever tasted from the tap. I dare say it is really some of the best water in the world. 

So the next time you decide to take a break from the same old, nasty Portland water, grab a bottle of Earth2o and support the small community of Culver, Oregon and experience what I did everyday for 18 years.

Nevin Lewis

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