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Corn: Good or bad? Yes

Ever since we have learned about corn being in virtually everything we eat, I have been trying to be aware of what I consume. Just the other day, I was at an event and the water cup I was using said, “Made from corn.” This really started to get to me. I mean why is it that corn is not only being used in most foods, but is also the basis for synthetics? I feel like this makes the nation too dependent on corn. All it would take to cripple the United States is to somehow destroy all the corn fields. Like, authors have written books about it. What would it take for some body to think of that? Not much I bet. Here is a clip from a book entitled “Focus on Terrorism.” There is a section in the book, where the author talks about corn terrorism. I honestly think, that the US should find alternative sources for food and synthetics because of this very reason…Yeah, corn is cool, we can make stuff from it. But I believe the negative affects out weigh the positive and yet we still are relying on this so heavily, nothing good can come of it.

Eric Gietzen

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Corn, It’s What’s Bad for You

I came across this article the other day when I was trying to search for information on the US being too reliant on corn. Anyway, if you read the article it begins to explain that corn is actually one of the worst grains for humans, let alone animals to consume. Corn is the home for 22 fungi, and some of these are deadly. You can read the article or not. I thought it was interesting. Let me know what you think. Thanks 🙂


Eric Gietzen

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