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Sustainability Commercial

Hey all, as we get ready to start thinking about the Spring, don’t rule out the idea of putting together a sustainability media project.  Not sure what you could do?  Interview your mom, your grandparents, people on the street, or check out this funny video for a little bit of inspiration.

– Jacob

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High Fructose Corn Syrup

As I was on Facebook the other day I saw that one of my friends had become a fan of  banning high fructose corn syrup in the U.S.

Now my question to you is, do you think that this is actually possible or fessible to ban high fructose corn syrup?

Melissa L.

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Sunny power

There was an article put out by The Oregonian about solar panels.  Mary Lane Stevens, and Tom hard were mentioned in this article who have put solar panels around their house.  They want other people to follow them in becoming sustainable.  Another person mentioned in this article is Tim O’Neal, who is trying to start a solar panel movement all around Portland.   O’Neal is apart of “Southeast Uplift, a nonprofit coalition of 20 neighborhood associations.”(Rivera, D., 2010)

“The Solarize Portland program” (Rivera, D., 2010) is a program devoted to installing more than 150 homes with solar panels, by the end of the summer.  For more details, just visit their website.  Solarize Southwest, Solarize Northeast.

Can Portland get any more greener?

~Anthony Tran

Rivera, D. (2010, February 19). Solar power bargains.  The Oregonian, pp. E1, E3.

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Apple Refuses a Sustainability Report

In this article, Nick Aster discusses the situation surrounding Apple and sustainability. The group, As You Sow, is expecting sustainability reports from many companies including Apple, IBM, Dell, HP. Apple’s board of directors is urging the shareholders of Apple to say reject the set-up of sustainability reports. Is Apple really as ‘green’ as it claims to be? Why would they want to hide their practices and reject a sustainability report when they are ‘green’. Makes you wonder what companies would do just to say they’re ‘green’. Perhaps Apple is just a fraud when it comes to sustainability, but no one will ever know unless the shareholders urge Apple to procure the sustainability report.

D Dang

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The Olympics Have Gone Green!

In 2008 when Beijing was used as a host city by the Olympic games, the environment was left with breathable air for the 12 million+ people inhibiting the area.  The games were used as an impulse to improve the environment in one of the most polluted areas on earth.  Ever since then, the games have been pushing the “green effect” on all of the host cities.  There is now an award for “the greenest games ever”!  Now in the 2010 Olympics being held in Vancouver, there are green roofs, solar panels and water harvesting being used. There are plans to make the villages eco-legacies, converted into sustainable living communities after the games are over.  More information on this here.

It is exciting that more and more events and people are “going green”.  Does anyone have some ideas on what else could be turned “green” in today’s society?

-Erica Nickerson

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Nike Cares About Being Green !

I am still not sure if I should stop feeling guilty about warning Nike chose or not, after I read this report about Nike having a link between its innovated products and sustainability. So I want to hear what do u guys think of this report? and is it a good excuse for keep buying from Nike stores?

Needa L

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Flaws in peer review for climate change

Fred Pearce writes this article. It gives a deeper look into hacked emails that reveal the peer review of the climate change articles. The famous ‘hockey stick’ graph is possibly false, as the jealousy of scientists can affect the peer review process. Fred Pearce is also the author of When the Rivers Run Dry, which is one of the two reading materials that we have read in class.
As scientists peer review the data, if the information contradicts with what the peer reviewer wants in mind, then the information can be skewed. Hacked emails of the scientists reveals this information and leaves doubts about climate change in respect with the ‘exponential CO2 graph’.

David D

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Consuming Kids

“The consumer embryo begins to develop during the first years of existence.”

This video, shown in my introduction to sociology class, shows the power of commercialization in our country. It was eye opening to see how companies manipulate children into becoming consumers at a young age. I find the strategies of marketing disturbing. Parents should obviously be responsible for their children. But it is impossible for parents to protect them from the media 24/7. The video raises a lot of interesting questions. What will it take to improve the health of future generations? Should the FTC have more authority?

Katie P.

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More Recognition to Green Efforts!

I was trying to look up efforts and events to being sustainable and I came up with very little… Here is an article that I believe should be seen as an example of real “green” living. They mention the New York Times in the article as mentioning the efforts made by this school. But I think that a bigger deal should be made of efforts to go green! Let me know what you think 🙂

-Eric Gietzen

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one mans trash

Some people in a small town not far from texas are taking the next step to becoming sustainable. Their roofs are made of license plates, and their windows of crystal platters. Almost anything discarded and durable is potential building material. Standing in one of these houses and looking at colorful, zigzag-patterned ceiling that are made out of thousands of picture frame corners.80 percent of the materials are salvaged from other construction projects, hauled out of trash heaps or just picked up from the side of the road.  Dan Phillips is responsible  for building these houses, he said he wanted to find something more sustainable so he goes to local construction areas and ask’s for anything that they are getting rid of, or goes to local dumps in search of things to build another home.   here are some pictures below





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