About our Class

This Freshman Inquiry class is the first course in your general education program at Portland State University. The purpose of this course is to help you succeed in college and beyond by exercising your abilities to integrate information, articulate your positions, consider diverse points of view, and see the consequences of your thoughts and actions.

In “Sustainability” we will take a critical look at how cultural, economic, and political traditions shape our relationship to the natural world, including how the human relationship to nature is understood, the ways economic well-being and satisfaction are measured, and how terms such as “sustainability” and “green” are used in the media, by interest groups, organizations, and constituents.

We will begin in fall term by focusing on food and how our daily consumer decisions affect natural systems. This will also lead us to consider health issues and the current debate about reforming our health care system. I sincerely hope that together we will create a comfortable environment of learning and discovery that fosters respectful dialogue about these issues that are so important to all our futures.

Here is a link to our course website and a tentative syllabus.

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