Go Vegan!

I recently decided to try going vegan at the beginning of last week. It has been something that I have wanted to do for a while and I thought that I would share the experience with you guys! I am no expert yet, but I have found that it is not as challenging as I thought it might be. There are many benefits to being vegan including; health, animal, and environment. This website lists 101 reasons and benefits that might influence you to try it too. I was worried that it would be difficult to find a variety of foods to eat but you can find tons of information online about vegan options. I live on campus and so far have found vegan options at victors, hot lips, chipotle, seattle’s best and many other restaurants around campus. I have felt much healthier and full of energy ever since starting my new diet and I encourage you all to try!

Grace W


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    conradvisionquest said,

    yay for you! can’t read to read more as you go along…

  2. 2

    Matthew said,

    I noticed the link you offered was for eating vegetarian… What are your reasons in specific nutritional, for eating vegan? All international diets, such as raw fish from japan and hot spices from central Asia, are created to adapt with the food available. Veganism, like many other ‘fad’ diets, is a social construction rather than an environmental adaptation. your thoughts?

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      conradvisionquest said,

      Interesting perspective, matt. I really don’t think veganism is a “fad” diet, it’s more of a way of life. I think people who go on fad diets are in it for one thing: to lose weight. People who become vegan, which doesn’t just involve eating, do it for a variety of reasons. If you are going to make the statement that veganism “is a social construction rather than an environmental adaptation,” you need to also look at the Standard American Diet as well (I’m assuming you live in the US). I hardly think that all those Big Macs, tuna fish sandwiches, and turkey dinners were made from animals that were “harvested” in people’s backyards. Those things traveled hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to get to your plate. And, if it weren’t for the factory farming of these animals, they wouldn’t even exist at all. How is that adapting to the environment?

      • 4

        Matthew said,

        i have no doubt that our American diet is lacking. however,
        what meant to imply was that veganism is a biologically unnatural diet. That is to say our bodies are designed to consume animal products such as meat and dairy. I feel there are other ways to diet that are healthier, more natural, and can also benefit the environment.

        You mentioned being vegan “doesn’t just involve eating” and that people do it for many reasons? is this lifestyle change because of the eating habits or vice-versa?

  3. 5

    conradvisionquest said,

    hey, matt! thanks for the continuing dialogue! i am wondering where you are getting your information from. here is a great article that supports the idea that “our bodies are designed to consume animal products” is a myth:
    i hope you get the chance to read the whole thing. and i know, for every article that supports veganism, there are other articles to support your point of view. i believe that we have been lied to by the meat industry who has a ton of money to support their ad campaigns and lobbyist groups. if you’ve got the money, you can get any doctor or scientist to say anything you want.
    i came to veganism when i started questioning where the food i was eating came from, and discovered truths that no one wants to believe or hear.
    i’m not sure i understand your last question, but i think my last statement may have answered it.

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      kfatland said,

      I am not planning on going vegan anytime soon, but I think that it is awesome that there are enough restaurants and grocery stores that support it around here that you are able to do it. Good luck, I hope it goes well for you.

      Kirk F.

  4. 7

    cody7010 said,

    Becoming vegan I hear is very difficult. A lot of people tend to get sick because they do not know how to eat properly, and I would definitely be one of those people. It is nice that restaurants and stores around town are encouraging it, maybe more people will catch on. I don’t think I can but it is nice to see people with the will power.

    ~Cody Males

  5. 8

    Needa said,

    Good job! I tried to become vegan but you know living with my family dose not help at all. I tried for a couple of days , but all what I see on the table at dinner time is meat. So that was kinds hard for me so I gave up. But I surely support you. Good luck

    Needa L

  6. 9

    konaka237 said,

    Grace, I think going vegan is a personal choice and I wish you all the luck. As for the debate between Mathew and Wendy, I think you both have valid arguments. I was young when I decided to be vegan and You’re right Matt, at the time it was a choice to identify myself as a part of a group where we shared the same music interest. During that time the vegan friendly options were hard to come by and so I ended up eating junk food as long as it didn’t have meat byproducts. I didn’t feel too well and missed fish and cheese so badly so I became a piscene vegetarian. Now there are so many options that are accessible and healthy that it is possible for me to be a vegan. I also know a lot more about food and cooking in general whereas before I didn’t. So, there are people who are young and are already knowledgeable enough to make it a conscious choice and continue to be so. However, I personally don’t believe that we are not completely designed to not eat meat. We are known as omnivores which increases are chances of survival, if it ever gets to that point, I don’t think it’s a good idea to completely cut off meat. But meat should be a rare thing in our diets. And it would be ideal to only acquire meat locally and treated right or sustainably caught. Although I like a lot of vegan foods, I like the idea of whole foods better. Grace, nutritional yeast is a vegan’s best friend you can find in the bulk bin of any natural food stores. It makes anything taste nutty and cheesy and you can make substitute cheese sauce with it. Also cashews make great cheese alternatives. Let me know if you want any recipes! And don’t miss out on vegenaise and earth balance butter! Both are non-GMO and delicious!

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