Women Are Greener Than Men !

Who is greener in your household, women or men? I found this interesting article that said women are greener than men! One of reason is because women” respond more positively to environmentally friendly advertising”. Another reason is that women “get involved in co-operative and social initiatives on a personal level. However, there are more males in our sustainability class than females. So I was wondering what is you opinion would be?! Or what do u think of this?!`

Needa L


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    Matthew said,

    it is interesting you should bring this up…

    I was listening to NPR the other day and they had a small segment on how “being green” is more of an added benefit in today’s marketplace. For example, the reporter focused her attention on house cleaning products (primarily a market for woman). Here she interviewed various woman who admitted that the direct benefit that they received was the highest incentive and that whether the product was environmentally sound was secondary; A mother may buy one dish detergent over another because the one has fewer harmful chemicals. The detergent with fewer harmful chemicals consequently is less damaging to the environment.

    I thought i saw a small connection with the issue you brought up in your post. perhaps woman are more “green” to a certain degree merely because they consume more.

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