Watching a typical primetime advertising block, one is barraged with images and sounds from corporate entities assuring you that YES, they are doing THEIR part in all of this hippy environmentalist green hoopla. Often, these commercials hit all the right chords: Good production values, sentimental music, and a universalist/global citizen aesthetic, all of it specifically engineered to put Joe Trend-Follower to ease when he pulls up to the pumps or walks down the supermarket aisle or whathaveyou. Sometimes they’ll even give examples of the good things they’ve done, show how they the corporate sector is a responsible citizenry. Oil/mining companies are particularly egregious about this, especially when you consider the products being hawked.

Most of the time, though, these companies aren’t actually as good news for the green-minded as they claim. This marketing strategy has been dubbed “greenwashing” by some.

Greenpeace has put a website up in response to the use of greenwashing by corporations at And here’s another greenwash related link to have a look at.

Be wary!

– Julian


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