The Cove Movie Trailer

I can say that I have never seen anything like this video. It is about people in Denmark, and once a year they herd up as many Whales and Dolphins as they can to slaughter. This has been a tradition for the people of Faroe Islands since the tenth century. If you think about it, hunting Whales and Dolphins with a canoe is a hell of a lot different than herding them up with power boats. I feel that tradition isn’t a strong enough reason to slaughter as many Whales and Dolphins as they, and the manner they do it in.
This movie is really graphic and you might not want to watch it.


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    logantaylor said,

    In the Faroes Island this is one of their major sources of food, interestingly enough their chief medical officers are, as of November 2008, deeming their traditional food too toxic for human consumption. Their landscape is to rough to grow a lot of grain and other foods, so they have always relied on this as a form of food year round by drying and salting it. They have been documenting their whale population for hundreds of years before people started to become concerned about it in other countries. This is very gruesome but I think that if you can’t handle the prospect of killing the food that you eat or even seeing it be killed, perhaps you should be a vegetarian. Good thing we have other sources of food than whale here right.

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    Matthew said,

    This movie looks as thought it could be really interesting! I’m definitely compelled to go see it and learn more on this subject.

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