Whale Wars

“Whale Wars”
Whale Wars is a show on the TV station, Planet Green, about a crew called the “Sea Shepherds”. This crew follows a Japanese fishing boat that is supposed to be researching whales but killing them instead. Since it isn’t illegal to kill whales in the area, there is nothing that can be legally done about this. I saw an episode where they were dragging ropes in front of the boat to get tangled into the propeller of the fishing boat. I feel like this isn’t a very smart thing to do. Their pretty much engaging in piracy. I guess in a way you could also consider this brave since they are risking their lives in an attempt to protect these whales. After watching a few episodes I saw some pretty gruesome footage of whales being killed, and now I can kind of understand why these people are out risking their lives. This show is definitely bias towards the fisherman. They don’t talk about what the whales are being killed for. Maybe there is a good reason behind this. Not that I agree with it or anything, I’m just pointing it out.

– Alex


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    digitaldrag0n said,

    Sometimes those people go to far. I remember reading about an incident where an environmentalist threw acid at one of the Whalers. What they should do is report it to the authorities instead of attacking them.

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