Raising Awareness of Water Privatization

The possibility of raising awareness about water privatization was brought up as we discussed options for next term’s project.  I would be interested in doing some volunteer work, or creating a campaign to draw more attention to this subject in the Portland area.  It is not ethical for companies such as Nestle to be taking the world’s water and selling it back to people who should have access to clean free water anyways.  These types of companies are weakening the water quality and leaving millions of people with a contaminated water source.  A point was brought up about a future possibility to sell air in a plastic bottle, since that is essentially how many people chose to consume their water… in a plastic bottle.  If we could create a campaign of some sort around this topic, I think that would be fun and make a difference around the PSU campus.  We could even start a petition to ban the sale of water bottles on campus, and somehow get more hydration stations around.  A fundraiser could help complete that goal.

-Erica Nickerson


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    Mike Green said,

    My name is Mike Green. I am Corporate Accountability International’s new intern spearheading the Think Outside the Bottle Campaign and the student movement behind it. Think Outside the Bottle is a campaign working to promote, protect and ensure public funding for our public water systems.

    We’re working with public officials, faith groups, restaurants, celebrities, campuses and individuals to support public systems by opting for tap over bottled water. Together, we are asking folks like you to Think Outside the Bottle.

    I would love to get you connected with some active folks in Portland.
    You can reach me at Campaignsintern@stopcorporateabuse.org


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    samgressett said,

    I think this is a really good idea. As we raise awareness we can hand out bottles of air with a little fact about how bottled water is bad on it. I feel this will really have an affect on PSU. I know that there is already a student group that is petitioning to remove bottled water from campus. Maybe we can join them in their battle to create and end to this pollution.
    Sam G.

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