Privatized Air

After today’s discussion I began to think that the major cause of water privatization is the fact that it is so difficult to get clean water to people. With the environment degrading at the rate that it is, eventually, theoretically, the air could reach a similar state of filth. Obviously the properties of water and air are different, but both are flowing resources impacted by actions everywhere. So, my question that I’m proposing to you is: do you think that we would ever get to a state when we would be privatizing air, and the effects that this would bring.

-Adam “Iron Thighs” McCoy


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    technine17 said,

    i hope not, i mean air is something we need to live obviously, and if we privatize air i think alot of people will die not many people have money and we start charging for air ; something we breath in and out everyday over 17000 times a day we wont survive.


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