Whaling: not just cruel, but carbon releasing too.

I don’t know how familiar you are with the culture of whaling, but it has been an on-going “sport” for many centuries now. In Japan, there are many protests against it as some continue to carry on this whaling tradition. Many nations have outlawed whaling, as many species of whales have been placed on the list of endangered species. In this article, whales are described as the “forests of the ocean”, because when they are killed, they release more than 100 million tonnes of carbon – equivalent to a large forest! I think whaling is a cruel “sport”, and the amount of carbon that is released by killing a single whale is astounding! Save the whales, save the planet.



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    nevin2 said,

    The article that you posted with your blog really gets to me when Craig A. James says, “But most of the civilized world has moved on to a more ethical philosophy, one that recognizes that cruelty to any living creature is unacceptable.” and, “Every Japanese citizen should hang his or her head in shame.” He is targeting every citizen of Japan for the harvesting of whales and that is wrong to accuse them of this. I could go on and on about this article but it really pisses me off. To me it sounds like James is a major tree hugging hippy who doesn’t realize the interactions amongst organisms in ecosystems around him.

    Nevin Lewis

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      roxybarton said,

      I agree with you, that people of the country shouldn’t be blamed for this crime… its like saying all people from the Middle East are terrorists or something. Whale hunting goes on not just in Japan, but many other cultures have engaged in it for thousands of years.

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