USDA Rules

Obama is really starting to make changes, making steps to create a happier and healthier nation. On February 12, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced new rules to define what makes milk and meat organic. Because of previous lenient rules that the USDA held, products labeled “USDA Organic” weren’t necessarily considered organic to most natural food advocates. Now, the rules “require livestock to be grazed on pasture for at least four months a year…to get at least 30 percent of their feed from grazing.” This will really change organic foods all-together. Hopefully, people will be more aware of what is considered organic and what is not, and how important it is to make the healthier choice and buy fresh products.

-Rachel Foxworthy


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    roxybarton said,

    I’m glad they came out with new rules. A lot of times at the grocery store when I saw a label that said “USDA certified organic” I would wonder what the guidelines were, and from what I had heard, they were pretty lenient. Therefore, the label “organic” could be used lightly, which it definitely should not be.

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