I was watching tv the other day and a commerical came on for sunchips and it was showing how they now have a bag that is plant based so it is 100% compostable that will decompose completly in a matter of weeks. I think that these are the kind of changes that should be taken to help out. Even if it’s just a little change it still counts.

Melissa L.


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    rfoxworthy said,

    I agree! I heard that sunchips were making strides to be more sustainable, but that’s great! I guess sunchips are one of the most natural chips on the market too. Little changes like this would definitely help. Besides, it’s the little things that count.

    Rachel Foxworthy

  2. 2

    dangkid said,

    Sunchips are my favorite brand of chips, so this is really good news! But I’m a little skeptical about how these bags work. I was looking at some trash bags today at Walgreens and one of these brands said that the material they used was easily degradable using a new formula. But it’s still plastic, so what’s the catch?


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    ericanickerson said,

    These are definitely the changes that our world needs to see. Changes such as the sunchip bag will be particularly beneficial to the environment’s condition, since it is such a big brand. All of the big brand food companies are creating “more sustainable” containers and packaging, but i wonder just how much more sustainable they really are. It would be interesting to do some field work to find out if the sustainable packaging that companies are now using actually work and benefit the environment.

    -Erica Nickerson

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