Global ‘Sun Block’

Scientists from the University of Calgary and the United States are hoping to do research and testing on ‘geoengineering’ the planet’s atmosphere. They will use solar-radiation management (SRM) in an attempt to control the planet’s average temperature and hopefully slow global warming. “SRM would involve releasing megatonnes of light-scattering aerosol particles in the upper atmosphere to reduce Earth’s absorption of solar energy, thereby cooling the planet. Another technique would be to release particles of sea salt to make low-altitue clouds reflect more solar energy back into space.” Although this process would not substitute for the populations adaptation and effort to stop global warming, it would hopefully increase the chances of our survival.

These experiments would require an international research budget including several governments, and would most likely put our country in even more debt. However, the findings that could potentially arise from this research could save our world population from being diminished.

-Rachel Foxworthy


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    konaka237 said,

    I don’t like it. It sounds like a very tempting idea but a quick fix to our planet’s global warming problem can come up with all sorts of side effects we don’t know about yet. It seems to me all the energy being put into finding cheaper faster and more convenient ideas should be put more into harder but long lasting solutions. I am very skeptical of the fact that they are coming up with yet another idea to manipulate our environment when we have done enough damage to it. Unless they break down exactly what the effects are going to be, and they know for certain what all of them will be, we should not tamper with nature more than we have. However long it takes to cool our atmosphere is important, but not as important as that we ensure that it will happen, and that it will happen permanently. Our planet should not be an experimental project while we are living on it.

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