Sunny power

There was an article put out by The Oregonian about solar panels.  Mary Lane Stevens, and Tom hard were mentioned in this article who have put solar panels around their house.  They want other people to follow them in becoming sustainable.  Another person mentioned in this article is Tim O’Neal, who is trying to start a solar panel movement all around Portland.   O’Neal is apart of “Southeast Uplift, a nonprofit coalition of 20 neighborhood associations.”(Rivera, D., 2010)

“The Solarize Portland program” (Rivera, D., 2010) is a program devoted to installing more than 150 homes with solar panels, by the end of the summer.  For more details, just visit their website.  Solarize Southwest, Solarize Northeast.

Can Portland get any more greener?

~Anthony Tran

Rivera, D. (2010, February 19). Solar power bargains.  The Oregonian, pp. E1, E3.


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    ironthighs said,

    I think this is a fantastic idea. With new technology making solar panels more durable and more effective in inclement weather, the biggest hurdle to get over is initial cost. Even though the device pays for itself over time. Once I settle down, you can be sure that I’ll have some solar panels installed.
    -Adam “Iron Thighs” McCoy

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