The Olympics Have Gone Green!

In 2008 when Beijing was used as a host city by the Olympic games, the environment was left with breathable air for the 12 million+ people inhibiting the area.  The games were used as an impulse to improve the environment in one of the most polluted areas on earth.  Ever since then, the games have been pushing the “green effect” on all of the host cities.  There is now an award for “the greenest games ever”!  Now in the 2010 Olympics being held in Vancouver, there are green roofs, solar panels and water harvesting being used. There are plans to make the villages eco-legacies, converted into sustainable living communities after the games are over.  More information on this here.

It is exciting that more and more events and people are “going green”.  Does anyone have some ideas on what else could be turned “green” in today’s society?

-Erica Nickerson


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    dangkid said,

    I would like to see what would happen if the National Basketball Association (NBA) went green. From green logos, green basketballs, and to restructuring the existing arenas to become more sustainable, possible like how the new rec center is currently. Many other things could come to mind.


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    Needa said,

    Well ,it is very interesting that many activates in today’s society has been going green. Hotels are an example. I remember the last time I stayed in hotel in CA; they hanged a sign on the bathroom door that said they want to reduce the use of energy, so the towels that needed to be replaced should be in the bathtub.
    Here is a link of a travel agent website that also talks about that and help u find “green” hotels.

    Needa L

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    melissa9 said,

    i would like to see schools going green such as elementary school so that the students will become informed then and will carry that knowledge with themselves throughout their lives

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    roxybarton said,

    I think that’s really awesome that the Olympics are an incentive for nations to cleanup and become more sustainable. The Beijing Olympics… now that was a huge cleanup. I’ve never been to China, but my dad and my best friend have been there, and according to them, at the end of the day, your snot is like, black, from inhaling all the toxins and dust, etc. I hope the clean the London air well, so we can watch some awesome games of Quidditch. 😉

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