Food stamps coming to farmers markets

I recently read an article online about how California lawmakers are considering a bill that would help farmers markets get equipment to accept electronic food stamps. This would be a major step toward being more sustainable. There are thousands of people currently on food stamps. Those thousand of people are eating mostly corn-based foods that are shipped all over the county because that’s what is cheap. This would give people on food stamps an opportunity to eat local organic food which would in turn help stop bad farming techniques and help us get off our dependency of oil.

-Jeff G


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    Anne-Marie said,

    I don’t know about the state of California but food stamps are accepted at any local grocery markets including Whole Foods, New Seasons, and Trader Joe’s. What’s even greater is that they are accepted at all Portland Farmer’s markets. All you need to do is bring your Oregon trail card to the credit stand, and they’ll swipe it through a machine for you, converting your food stamp credit into Farmer’s market tokens, which then buys your food at the other stands. The cards themselves could look a little more high tech like a credit card, but the Farmer’s markets are very good at being discreet when you convert your food stamps. There are people at the stand waiting to convert real credit cards into tokens as well. So that makes for a very happy system, and for the whole Oregon population to enjoy healthy living.
    I hope California passes that law!

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    cody7010 said,

    I work at a grocery store and about half of the people that i check out use food stamp to pay. I also notice that many of them buy candy bars, soda, chips and donuts. Food stamps at a farmers market would be a huge step, but it seems like all of the families are having a hard enough time buying the cheap fruits and vegitables at the store. I’m not sure if they would be willing to spend their monthly money on the expensive items, but it is nice to know that they do have the option.

    ~Cody Males

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    ericanickerson said,

    People who are using food stamps right now are probably having a difficult time buying the more expensive fruits or vegetables from the grocery store. So, it is difficult to say if they would be willing to spend their coupons at the Farmers Market. But if the bill does pass in California that would be a great step towards sustaining our future. If the bill does pass, hopefully it will pass in the other 49 states!

    -Erica Nickerson

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      Anne-Marie said,

      As Cody mentioned above, I see people with food stamps buying packs and packs of coke and chips and ring dings and what not. If they can afford those on their food stamps, then they can easily afford fresh produce and bulk beans and rice. It sounds like these people just need to put a little more commitment into the health of their family and learn how to cook real food. -Anne-Marie

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    antranpsu said,

    I think is a great idea, but the price at farmer’s market are usually higher than the supermarkets. If it were me, i would just go buy the groceries at the store, since it’s cheaper, and i can get more for my money. Which everyone is doing, during these times.

    – Anthony Tran

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      Anne-Marie said,

      Everyone is doing during these times? My friends and I must have missed that bulletin. You’d be surprised at how affordable fresh produce and bulk items are at farmers market and natural food stores. You actually end up not having to buy as much food since proper nutrition fills you up and your body isn’t craving more food. It’s about quality instead of quantity. Don’t be misled into thinking you’re getting more bang for your buck. And you’ll thank your stars that you don’t get sick as often which means a lot less medical bills and over the counter drugs expenses. And your future self will be happy that you look ten years younger than you are. You should give it a try, your body will thank you! -Anne-Marie

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