As I was reading the news today, I came across an interesting article about four small towns in England which are receiving government funding. Eco friendly “affordable” homes are being built in these towns, some of which are old land where factories used to be but now aren’t being used. I think the best part about this project is that it’s government funded. If more government funding went to projects that promoted social needs such as affordable housing, while supporting a “green” movement as well, don’t you think it would be easier for people to lead more environmentally conscious lifestyles? In Portland, there is now a “green line” max, and many of the longer distance buses (called C-Trans) are run on biofuel or are hybrid. I think when governments and authorities take the initiative to do “green” things, it makes it easier for people to conform. What other things do you think the government should fund more? Possibly more solar power or wind power production is one I was thinking of.


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