Nike Cares About Being Green !

I am still not sure if I should stop feeling guilty about warning Nike chose or not, after I read this report about Nike having a link between its innovated products and sustainability. So I want to hear what do u guys think of this report? and is it a good excuse for keep buying from Nike stores?

Needa L


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    Anne-Marie said,

    Wow, good for them! That is a step towards progress at the very least. Respectfully though, I don’t understand what all the fuss is about with Nike products when there are thousands of other brands out there. I personally would choose something else for fashion’s sake. So is it the fashion? Is it the need to conform to what is popular because of the apparent incredible influence of sports megastars who can tell us what to wear? I’m sorry for the strong words but I have a real allergy when I hear about Nike. I really think that they need to be taken down as a corporation so that we can put our minds to more important matters then how Nike is influencing our everyday lives. No matter what direction they go with their decisions to be green in the future, they cannot make up for the past, and for the lives they have caused misery to.

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    rfoxworthy said,

    I have to agree with Anne-Marie, however, Nike is not the only company in the wrong. Our society thrives off of brand names and what is “in” at the moment that most people do not take the time to research where it is they are getting their clothes, and where they are made. People are not going to stop buying Nike products or stop shopping at Forever 21, even though their clothes are made by underprivileged children and women over seas. I am not on Nike’s side at all, but at least they are taking a step towards a more sustainable future. Hopefully it is not short-lived.
    -Rachel Foxworthy

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    nmlingga said,

    Thanks guys for giving your opinions, I thought that it is smart ways from nick to make people like me, who don’t mind buying from them, not feeling guilty having their products. I mean every time I wear my shoe, I feel like okay at lest they are trying to do something positive for the future. I hope it is not short-lived too Rachel!

    Needa L

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