Stuff made from recycled stuff

Recently I’ve noticed there are many things made from recycled products, such as cans, glass, magazines, tires, etc. I came across this website called Smart Glass Jewelry, which crafts jewelry from recycled materials. I think it’s very fashionable and a great way to reuse glass. There are also many products out there, such as Simple Shoes, made from recycled rubber and car tires, and random objects of decor made out of who knows what. What do you guys think of this? I’ve heard mixed responses, like “Why should I pay more for shoes that used to be tires?”. Many times these products made from recycled things are more expensive than new stuff (ie. Target, Walmart). What do you guys think? Would you be willing to pay more for something that’s
“used” in order to have the feeling of “saving the environment” or “being sustainable”? And should we have to pay a higher $ amount to be sustainable?


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