What makes us happy?

After the final chapter of The Myth of Progress, I wondered what personal fulfillment really entails. In psychology, our discussion of happiness turned my original view upside. Personal fulfillment really comes from selfless awareness. An increase in income does not raise a person’s life satisfaction once a person’s basic needs are met. Living in a sunny environment such as near Mexican and Californian beaches does not increase happiness. Instead, making time for friends and family connection creates a better state of mind.

Claudia Wallis, The New Science of Happiness, January 9th 2005, Time Inc.

Katie P.


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    Needa said,

    I found this article very interesting. I mean we all “know” that money , marriage , maybe education , and being young do not make ppl 100% happy or happy all the time. Yet, we always “forget” these things.
    And I strongly agree with the writer when said that FAMILY are the main source of ppl happiness plus friends. I heat it when one says that he is not happy and wants to give up and don’t want to live any more, even thought he is surrounded with a wonderful family who cares and loves him/her and they are all alive, because there are some ppl who grow up without their moms or dads , or they we were the only child in their family and still happy 🙂
    I guess ppl need somehow to value their families!

    Needa L

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