The Solar Powered Home

I was watching the news today and they had a report on solar homes. They mentioned that people save roughly 40-50% on their electricity bills yearly, and oregon just passed a bill for them to put in 250 to try it out. If this turns out to be a success our economy will be well on its way to living sustainably. If the people along with alternative energy companies keep putting pressure on the government with our demands for clean, renewable energy, one of these days, they will have to provide it whether they like it or not.

~Cody Males


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    roxybarton said,

    I saw this commercial for some kind of energy saving windows and that if you installed them in your home, you could write them off on your taxes. I thought that was pretty cool, because I think more people will help the environment if there is an immediate reward or incentive involved. Like the “Cash for Clunkers” program!

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    jeffg187 said,

    This is an interesting idea of having everyone use alternative energy. The problem with solar energy in Oregon is it not sunny very often, however to make up the difference it has been suggested that we use small wind turbines to produce more energy. with the combination of solar and wind power we could have self sustaining homes that are completely off the grid. Better yet if a house hold could produce more energy then it need they could sell the surplus back to the electric company’s and make money. it would not be long before the money you save pays for the solar panels and wind turbines.

    Jeff G

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