secret to longer life

I read an article about lessons for living longer lives. The first paragraph caught my attention when he said “In the same way organisms select for characteristics that favor the survival and well-being of its species over successive generations, so too do cultures.”

The article discusses the research of places called “blue zones”, where people live longer lives. The question is why? In these “blue zones” the people tend to eat a plant based diet and manage stress with prayer and meditation. He goes on to explain that the cause of longer lives is not so much based on diet or exercise, but their social and physical environment. They walk more, cook and clean more, grow their own gardens, and contribute to their families. He says that things like smoking and obesity are “contagious.” If the people you are constantly around do it, you are much more likely to do it too.

I thought this article was interesting because it reminds us of how important lifestyle choices are on overall health. People in these “blue zones” are living longer and more sustainably and we should too!

Grace W


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    digitaldrag0n said,

    My dad is in his late fifties but looks like hes in his early forties. He eats healthy, walks for two hours each day, meditates and doesn’t smoke. He grew up in Costa Rica where the community is a lot more involved with each other. Good habits do work out in the long run.
    Esteban Pacheco

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