Human waste is not a waste anymore!!


As we have seen early in our class that there are some people who do not really have access to a toilet! And we learned that the lack of toilet harms both human and nature specially the water sources for those people.  Thus, Swedish people have come up with this cool idea: The peepoo bag.
It is a biodegradable plastic bag that can transform human waste into high-quality fertilizers-something may not be found in many areas. This product was considered to be one of the top ten business idea for 2010.
I like the facet that the peepoo bags are made off biodegradable plastic bags. However I was wondering that what if the bags were not buried properly? Would that affect the transformation ?!

Needa L


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    graceaw said,

    Wow! I have never heard of this before but after reading this post I looked further into it and I think it is a very good idea. I found that every 15 seconds, 1 child around the world dies from contaminated water. It would eliminate much of the contamination of water and eliminate the serious health risks. This article also saddened me because of the situations in the areas that these bags are needed. If we introduced these bags here, I think people would think of them as a joke or unsanitary. But we have to realize that this is a very helpful item for some people around the world.

  2. 2

    cody7010 said,

    haha!! That is a interesting idea, I am not so sure if it will work or not depending on the price of them. I also am not sure where they are suppose to burry them because if they don’t have a yard are they suppose to go to a park or their neighbors yard? It is definitely a unique idea but I just don’t know if the world is ready for the peepoo bag. It is however a better alternative then going on the ground.

    ~Cody Males

  3. 3

    melissa9 said,

    Honestly when i first read this what i thought of was picking up after dogs when you take them on walks. It sounds like a good idea but the things is, is that who is going to be paying for these peepoo backs to give to the countries who need them, the richer more developed countries and the question is are they going to want to do that.
    Like Cody said I dont think people will take them very seriously.

    Melissa L.

  4. 4

    Needa said,

    I agree with you guys, ppl may not take this idea seriously, but I am glad that there is someone in the world who at least tried to help those ppl.

    Mellissa , I guess when I was readying it said that they are not expensive but of course the ppl there may not have money to buy even daily food. However, I think rich and developed countries should be able to buy the peepoo bags. So this is the least thing they can do to help cleaning up poor countries.

    Needa L

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