12 weeks without soda or any other HFCS…

So, after we watched the movie “King Corn” in class last term I decided I would give up drinking soda. I started 12 weeks ago this last Sunday, November 1st.

I work at a sub shop in my hometown and while I work I get free soda… the first few days that I had decided against consuming soda, I would still grab a cup and begin to fill it with soda. The habit I had formed was so remarkable. I still sometimes want to drink it, but I know that I can stay strong and power through not having any. I have noticed weight loss since I have stopped, and I have also noticed more overall energy.

Now you can probably argue against what I am saying because soda “isn’t all that bad for you.” But I did some math and say I consumed 1000 calories a day from soda… in the 12 weeks I haven’t had soda that is 84,000 less calories I have consumed… and believe me, I probably had more than 1000 calories of soda a day…

Disgusting isn’t it?

-Eric Gietzen


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    Needa said,

    I think that is so true. I used to drink soda more than three times a day. I even use to drink it with small snacks between the meals! But a while ago, I decide to reduce my consumption of soda to once a day. And I do feel different. I lost weight, and actually my skin feels different. So I think u are a hero that u could completely stop drinking soda. Good job. 😀

  2. 2

    jeffg187 said,

    wow that is a lot of calories. I also used to drink 1 or 2 sodas a day then I started to notice that my teeth were turning yellow. I became very concerned so I went to the dentist, and he told me that soda was breaking down the enamel on my teeth. After I learned this I stopped drinking soda and my teeth went back to normal. So not only does soda have a ridiculous amount of calories, it has highly processed sugars your body can not digest, and it hurts your teeth. Why do we even drink this stuff?
    -Jeff G

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