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    Eric Gietzen said,

    Dude I think this would be incredible if it could be pulled off. We have the technology for it… so why not?

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      Matthew said,

      my thoughts exactly. The only way we will move towards a sustainable way of life is if we consciously make an effort to incorporate it into our daily lives.

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        konaka237 said,

        I feel guilty in saying this but I live down the street from such a gym which I didn’t join because of the cost ratio to the shabbiness of the interior as well as the machines. It is called The Green Microgym on NE Alberta. It is a fantastic idea, and if you guys can open up another one with better upgraded interior and machines, you already have a customer! The website is thegreenmicrogym.com. The machines you work out on generates electricity that is pooled back into the grid. Pretty cool stuff!

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    matt z said,

    I dont know about the coupons or rewards part, but the rec center does use this idea of having exercise bikes produce this energy that feeds back into the building’s electrical system. It’s called “ReRev” (http://rerev.com/recardio.html) and there’s even a screen where you can see how much energy you are generating. this is pretty cool but I dont know if i could make the switch over from those bikes where you can chase the little dragon on the screen

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    Matthew said,

    I checked out the website, thanks Anne-Marie! Although the idea isn’t new, it seems there is still a lot of room for improvement. Perhaps the first step is having the bike power itself (in regards to personal television screens). These machines could also be adapted for home use by giving them the ability to charge and power household items like computers, batteries, etc.

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    Anne-Marie said,

    That idea sort of reminds me of a black and white movie. Was it Fritz Lang? Anyway, it would be awesome if we could power our own building energy through exercise. That’s double the incentive! Getting energy, and being fit. We all need both!

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    cody7010 said,

    given our society’s obesity problem and are need for alternative energy this could be a very useful idea for us becoming sustainable. I have never heard of one of these gyms before but it sounds that it could definitely be a possibility.

    ~Cody Males

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    roxybarton said,

    That sounds like a really awesome idea! I’d definitely join a green gym.

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