Uranium shortage possible

digging for uranium

Although nuclear power plants emit only small amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, experts are arguing that a transition to nuclear energy could be short-lived due to a limited supply of uranium available. To me this seems like something that should have been foreseen long ago. Although nuclear energy produces less carbon emissions than coal and gas, 60% of uranium is being excavated from the ground so it is clear that it is far from a renewable resource. Just like coal and oil, uranium will eventually run out (maybe even before coal and oil) and when this happens we will be running out of things to dig out of the ground. On the bright side, this article says that at some point there might be enough economic incentive for countries with nuclear weapons to give up some of their uranium from their reserves to the nuclear energy process. This will be good for world peace, but as far as energy goes it just seems like we are doing everything we can to avoid the point when we have no other choice but to simply consume less and switch to renewable energy sources.

Matt Z


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