Controversy on tourism in Haiti!

Is it Ethical to Vacation in Haiti Now? ” was the headliner that caught my eye while surfing the web.  I find it interesting how my immediate reaction was of disgust at the idea before I even thought it out.  But when I thought about it I realized that there is a lot more to the situation than meets the eye.  Though it sounds like a horribly sadistic joke to vacation and relax on an island of a major catastrophe, the article brings up some excellent points about feeding the economy when they need it the most.  I fully agree that Haiti shouldn’t be abandoned by tourism when tourists can bring in more money on top of the relief aid money.  Though I have to say that I personally would not be able to enjoy my vacation when I know people are suffering nearby, I am also guilty of the fact that I have vacationed in areas where people suffer everyday such as Hawaii, Morocco, and even here on the mainland.  Suffering is a constant all over the world with more happening now than before. But for the more fortunate, we still try to have a quality of life because we can.  for a situation like that, it would be great to hear about stories of people who already have booked their trip, to still visit and try to give first hand aid if possible, or bring whatever they can with them to help the situation, and donate money on top of the spending they will have to vacation there.  But what it comes down to is, it is not singularly the tourist’s fault that this catastrophe has happened.  And I believe that they should go on about their business, but with a conscientious mind to do whatever they can to help.  There are already a lot of views on the linked blog web-site but I am interested in hearing yours.  Please comment!

-Anne-Marie Aguilar


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