Mideast Water Crisis

My dad recommended that I read this article, since I told him that our theme for the term was to be water. I think the map in the left hand corner is very interesting. Its hard for me to imagine being in the middle of water crisis the one portrayed in the photographs, because we live in a fortunate society that has water running from every tap that we choose to turn on. According to the article, the problem goes beyond just climate, and ties into politics as well. Turkey controls the site of a water system that Syria and Iraq depend on, and in times of turmoil between the countries, water to Syria and Iraq is reduced. So essentially, Turkey has Syria and Iraq at its mercy, for they cannot survive long without water. If someone is doing their research paper on water in the middle east maybe you can use this as a source!

On a side note, I think that water wars will soon become the new oil wars. I saw this movie last week called “Daybreakers”, about how the entire Earth is populated by vampires and only 5% of the human population remains. Humans and hunted and harvested for blood, and the amount of blood is so low that vampires start to mutate into these bat-like creatures… anyway, my point is not that we could mutate into bat things if we had a lack of water, but I drew a parallel to the water crisis, and that if we don’t find a way to maintain and purify the water that we have then yes, we will all die. But probably not before we wage war on each other.


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