sustainable snowboards

Anyone associated with winter sports is particularly aware of global warming’s potential impact. The Snowboard industry is dependent on snow, and on the natural surroundings for its success. This is where i thought of the idea to look up sustainable snowboards. there are many Companies such as Venture Snowboards and Arbor  that are using sustainable harvested wood, bamboo and organic cotton and hemp. By using these materials we are helping to save trees from being clear cut all around the world. In being an avid snowboarder i think that its a great idea to use alternate products instead of things that can harm our environment.

I also read in another article that snowboard companies are taking action in becoming more green an are shutting down the electricity and using wind and solar power to run there companies.

below is a sight of snowboards that are made to be more eco friendly! 🙂



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    jeffg187 said,

    As a snowboarder my self I am excited to hear that companies are moving toward being more sustainable. Seeing as how we are having a bad season this year in the mountains, I think it is evident that we are changing the environment. Every year it seems the mountains get less snow, this I heard that Mt. Hood has been using snow machines to compensate for the bad snow year. We really need to do moor to protect the environment if we want to see this sport stay around.

    -Jeff G

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