Recycling Paper

I have always wondered what happens to paper after you put it into the recycle bin? Is every piece transformed into another piece of paper? In 2008 57.4% of the paper consumed in the united states was recovered due to recycling. That is just over half. I am guessing the other half is in a landfill or dispersed throughout the air from being burned. A piece of paper can be recycled approximately 7 times, but what are the odds of that piece making it back to the recycling center that many times? recycling plastic is obviously a more pressing issue, but if we can only dispose half of something as easy to recycle as paper then we are in a world of hurt. Metals, plastics, and glass are more of a hassle then paper so I could not even imagine what percentage of those are actually being recycled daily.

~Cody Males


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    kfatland said,

    I have always wondered about these things as well Cody. It would be nice if those numbers were a little higher and we were doing a better job of recycling.


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